Project → Hawfinch® / 2022

●  Brand Identity
●  Website Design

Hawfinch® Logo
Hawfinch Guidelines

Hawfinch® is a boutique property developer with a vision and desire to build beautiful sustainable homes that sit harmoniously within their surroundings.

We embarked on designing an identity that evokes natural simplicity through choice of typography and colour. The resulting wordmark uses a customised letter H which subtly follows the shape of the distinct finch beak. In addition, the plumage shades of rusty-brown, orange-brown, grey, and buff help to create warm, rich, and friendly impression.

‘Blindspot are a dream to work with, they really listened to the brief and understood our objectives. The attention to detail outside of the aesthetic is something you don’t often find from creative studios in my experience.’

Matthew Epps​

Design & Direction → Tayler Morgan
Motion → Jay Baulch

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