Project → Desg™ / 2020

●  Naming
●  Brand Identity
●  Brand Communication
●  Office Design
●  Website Design

Desg Logo by Blindspot Design
Desg Booth
Desg Gold Foiling
Desg directory by Blindspot Design
Desg Wayfinding
Desg Press Release
Desg Reception
Hot desks served here* hot drinks included
Desg Signage
Desg Lichen

Desg™ offers a new approach to co-working, whether solo freelancer or small business. Their model for stylish, balanced, and mindful environments, provides a community for varied working styles and collaboration.

Housed in a former 10,000 sq ft office, we entered a close and collaborative partnership with MJA Architects to transform the building. The result is two storeys of diverse spaces – including hot-desks, co-working spaces, private offices, and meeting rooms.

Naming Desg™ set the stage for crafting the brand identity; logotype, typography, colour and overall tone. In addition to art directing photography, we curated social media and delivered copywriting, signage, way finding, website design, and a variety of printed material.

Design & Direction → Tayler Morgan
Space Planning & Refurbishment →  MJA Architects
Signwriting → Adrian Geach
Copywriting → Lisa Derrick
Motion → Jay Baulch
Photography → Phil Boorman, Owen Mathias

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