Project → Cwfl™ / 2022

●  Brand Identity
●  Brand Communication
●  Website Design
●  Copywriting
●  Print

cWFL Logo by Blindspot Design
cWFL projection sign
cWFL Tote
cwfl window vinyl
cwfl web mobile
cWFL this way
cWFL package
cWFL Logo by Blindspot Design

Cwfl™ (Hood) is a neighbourhood life/style store, curating contemporary brands from around the globe.

Working in close collaboration with co-owners Lauren & Nerys, we created a playful and vibrant visual identity, representing a freedom of self-expression. Our concept revolves around a rotated letter C to create a simple hood icon, hooded figure, and wordmark; that we rolled out across signage, print and their e-commerce website.

Design & Direction → Tayler Morgan
Space Planning & Design → MJA Architects
Signwriting → Adrian Geach
Motion → Jay Baulch

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