Project → Brickworks / 2017-19

●  Brand Identity
●  Brand Communication
●  Website Design
●  Wayfinding
●  Print

Brickworks is a warehouse-inspired development in Cardiff’s rapidly emerging South Central district.

An industrially inspired brand was developed to encapsulate contemporary living and appeal to young optimistic individuals. The brand spans marketing, website and campaign elements which continues throughout the building in the form of  wayfinding, large handpainted graphics and artworks.

‘Brickworks formed the very first residential project in what is now a massive regeneration south of central station and, being pioneers into new ground, meant that we had to change the way people thought about the location. We knew the large scale redevelopment was coming but we had to convince people that the time was right, now. This meant that the branding was probably one of the most important things so we again placed our faith in Blindspot. Tayler and I actually took an inspiration day out in East London looking at all the stuff happening there. We knew we wanted an industrially-inspired aesthetic but we also wanted something edgy and cool and with its tongue in its cheek. We sold everything off-plan before completion and many people at the time and since have commented on how much they loved the branding and marketing.’

Peter Reilly​
Commercial Director

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